Electric Trolling Motor Recommendations

Just about the most valuable items on any boat is definitely an electric trolling motor. Although they may be used to troll with, their main objective is perfect for boat positioning, or even for doing work framework. When thinking about buying an electric trolling motor, there are some points to consider. The very first that is size/strength. It is advisable to ensure that your electric trolling motor is just not undersized large in cases like this would be far better. Remember that fiberglass boats are heavier than aluminum. Therefore over a typical 17′ ½ feet fiberglass boat, an electric motor with 60 lbs of thrust can be best – but also for 17’ ½ ft. Aluminum boat, 50 lbs of thrust would do. Various other factors to consider when picking out which dimension electric motor would be best, would be to consider the kind of fishing you may be doing. Should you use your electric motor in stream circumstances with hefty current – or perhaps in tidal situations or heavy blowing wind circumstances, you may desire a robust electric motor to be able to overcome the actual.

12V Trolling Motor battery

One more essential function to consider is the duration of your shaft on the electric trolling motor. When your shaft size is too simple, the instant you come across some breeze and wavy problems, your prop will be consistently jumping inside and outside of the h2o, with each influx. Not just is it harmful to your electric motor i.e. it is far from advised that the electric motor be managed out from eater but you will also be shedding boat control. An electric motor by using a longer shaft may be a lot more complicated to lift and access, nevertheless it sure does have several advantages. How high the bow of your boat is going to be earlier mentioned drinking water also needs to be thought about. The bow of any bass sounds boat will sit very close to the water, so a shorter shaft size on your own electric motor could be o.k. In which as being a serious V boat, similar to a walleye boat, will sit down increased on the h2o along with a long shafted electric trolling motor is virtually vital.

If you have an option between a 24 volt and 12V Trolling Motor battery, the edge would be wise to proceed to the 24 volt product. The main difference in between the 2 designs is the 12 volt version makes use of 1 deep routine battery, while the 24 volt product will make use of 2 strong cycle batteries. The biggest advantage of a 24 volt electric trolling motor besides offering far more power is definitely the simple fact that this will last at least 2 times as long. There’s nothing much more annoying than not having enough electric energy half way via your day time of fishing particularly if you are fishing a tournament!